Welcome to the home of the Paradise Trippies
A collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that were born from Party Pete's (BAYC #9696)

Firstly, why do you want one? Not only will you receive a unique NFT, you will gain entry to our community, forever. You can also expect creature-specific access within our evolving world as well as an array of treasure hunts, giveaways and a lot more fun stuff!
We are sold out now but you can purchase a Trippie on the aftermarket through Opensea. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @Trippies and join our community of 10,000+ strong to collaborate and conquer together.

How do I get one?
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This story is of Bored Ape #9696, known by his friends as ‘Party Pete’.
Pete is a simple yet fun-loving ape, known as the life and soul of the party in a largely boring existence.
He is an extremely social animal and loves to tell stories and entertain his fellow bored apes. One story that Pete particularly enjoys telling is the tale of Paradise Island, a mystical place only reached by drinking the notorious ‘trippy brew’. The brew is allegedly created by mixing the juices of 100 trippy frogs and supposedly hasn’t been seen on these shores since the last blue moon.
As the night wears on and with the beer in full flow, the barman announces that a batch of trippy brew has finally arrived. Party Pete is positively desperate to give it a go.
He begs the barman to give him a jar. Reluctantly and with a look of concern, the barman obliges, and Pete necks the brew confidently as his fellow apes watch in bewilderment.
4 of our pieces will contain an offering of 5 ETH each to be donated to charity. Those who draw the charity pieces will get to nominate the charity of their choice, at which point 5 ETH (or USD equivalent) will be donated. The lucky charity piece holders will also get personalized honorary Trippies designed for them (within a reasonable timeframe post-launch), representative of their chosen charities. A snap shot of the pieces will be taken in January and the holders of the tokens will be contacted.
Our collection comprises 14 different core creatures and 6 specials. The characters have been split in half, good and bad, to represent both sides of the trippy experience. Where will your journey take you? Shortly you will be able to check the map (members only) to find out more about your Trippie and the part of the island they occupy. Soon thereafter, the map will become interactive and a whole new world will open up to Trippie holders. There are a lot of mysteries to solve on Paradise Island, and those successful will be rewarded with some serious loot.
How rare is my piece?
Paradise Trippies were not all created evenly. While we love all of our creatures the same, some have rarer traits than others. The supply of each creature is also different and we have a collection of super rares. Will you be lucky enough to draw one?
Frequently asked questions
How many Trippies will there be?
There will be 10,000 unique NFTs in the Paradise Trippies collection.
What chain are Paradise Trippies minted on?
PTs is an Ethereum-based project minted with ERC-721 tokens.
When is the Roadmap Launching?
The Roadmap will gradually be released here on the website and on discord in the coming weeks.
What is the inspiration behind the Paradise Trippies?
Andy Booth has been a BAYC member for a long time and has always considered trippy fur as the primary apesthetic. He envisioned a story of endless possibility through trippy imagination. These are the results.
Who are the artists and what are their backgrounds?
Our art is all drawn and illustrated by Rui Duarte and Joe Ruiz. 

Rui Duarte has been in professional illustration and has forged a caricature career since 2003 which led him to become a storyboard and comic artist. In the NFT world he is best known for drawing the art of Bulls on the Block. 

Joe Ruiz, a Georgia based painter and illustrator, has been mastering his talents since his art school days in the early 90s. A disciple of the San Francisco Art Institute, he has illustrated popular books, games, and print work for the last 3 decades.
Do I own the commercial rights to my NFTs
Yes. They are free for you to use under a non exclusive license. We do own and protect the logos and trademarks of Paradise Trippies and ask that you ask permission before using these. We also reserve the rights to use all pieces in our personal marketing and promotion. 
Are there pieces held back?
There will be 100 pieces held back for marketing and promotional purposes. Each team member will receive one piece that will be randomly given in a mint like all other buyers.
We are a whacky team, all ages and all backgrounds, like you'd expect from a team of Trippies.
We are Trippy Creative.
FC Porto enthusiast with the artistic strength of an ox. Breaks a lot of pencils.
Illustrator. Artist. With pencil in hand, nobody in the Metaverse is safe.
Virtual wheeler-dealer and always plugged in. Never-ending (day)dreamer.
Grower and maker of fine things. Knows the difference between antidote and anecdote.
BAYC degenerate who has transitioned from domains to creating Web3 connects.
Love my friends. Love my family. Love my dog. Now hold my beer and watch this.
Cloudsurfer, nomad and Norseman. Thinks dogs are better than humans.
Jonathan Booth
Thomas Reither
Robin Lawrence
Sarcasm Connoisseur, lover of lager and all things pub. Sausage puns are the wurst!
Just another bored ape trying to have fun while on safari.
Creator of super powerful websites in this strange world.
Bored Ape Safari