Utility-focused NFT collectibles, Cosmic Trippies are unique and randomly generated avatars and are now part of Paradise.
Cosmic Trippies have landed in Paradise.
Landing soon
Meet the Cosmic Trippies
The Cosmic Trippies are a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs from the Paradise Trippies and will be awarded to each and every holder of the original set.
Who are they?
Meet the cosmic trippies
On Tuesday 15th February, holders of Paradise Trippies will be able to mint the equivalent number of Cosmic Trippies, from this official page.
I want one!
Before you buy a PT in order to mint at CT, please make sure its CT wasn't already minted.
Receive a free Cosmic Trippie
Community power
The Cosmic Trippies are the team's gift to our fantastic community and the Cosmics will have a huge role within the island.
Community power
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
How many Cosmic Trippies will there be?
We have designed and created 10,000 Cosmic Trippies, but after Bitcasino decided not to mint theirs (for the greater good) and considering not every holder will mint their full allocation, we estimate the collection to amount to around 8,000 units in total.
How do I mint?
Each holder of an original Paradise Trippie will be able to mint 1:1 Cosmic Trippies (CT). You will be able to mint on our official website at from Tuesday 15th February. You will have all month to mint. Besides your original Trippie, you will only need to pay the gas.
Why do I want a Cosmic Trippie?
Not only does this collection represent some of the best PFP art in the business, Cosmic Trippies will serve a purpose and have utility within our Paradise metaverse. Stay tuned as to what kind of havoc our mysterious guests will wreak.
Who designed the Cosmic Trippies?
The art was produced by Rui Duarte (@RRddraft on twitter) and represents one of his most accomplished finished articles.
How will minting work?
Minting will be done in batches. That means one batch per transaction. You cannot pick and choose as to what amount of Cosmic Trippies you want to mint. If you want to mint LESS than you have original Trippies in a wallet, you will need to move your desired amount over to a separate wallet and do the transaction from there.
I am supposed to get a rare, how does that work?
If you had an egg (Wings, Dust or Claw) or a Mintpass combined with either 1 or 2 Paradise Trippies in your wallet during the snapshot, you will be guaranteed up to two rare CT's at mint. The snapshot was taken at 11:59 EST on the 11th February. From there, the two lowest serial numbers (of your original Trippies) was reserved to be rares (internal designation) and will be revealed early on Wednesday 16th February. The mint will be open to all Paradise Trippie holders from the 15th February and rares will only be revealed early to Cosmic Trippie holders.
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