Paradise Island
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The Turtle enjoys its freedom to roam and is just as content on land or at sea. An inquisitive creature, the Turtle likes to make friends wherever it goes.
A swash-buckling card shark, the Pirate is a terror of the high seas. You better hope luck is on your side or he’ll make you walk the plank.
The Goblin, a mixologist by day, plies his trade by crafting cocktails and potions. One of few in the realm that knows the recipe to create the elusive Trippy Brew.
The Mermaid is a creature of beauty and grace and likes to keep the peace in Paradise. She doesn’t dare venture too far offshore, not knowing what could be out there.
Self-elected ruler of the island, the Ogre likes to throw its weight around. If you can tolerate his odor, he’s pretty good company.
The Bunny is a rapid and energetic creature that is also prone to erratic behavior. Very proud of its warren and veggie patch, just a shame about the neighbors.
The Alligator occupies Swamp Hideout and likes to keep its territory well-guarded. During the night it likes to stay cosy in its shack and tries not to be spooked out by the shadows passing by.
The Tree, ancient and wise, stands tall and proud as the master of its domain. Accepts visitors only on occasion and is usually called upon in times of crisis.
The Minotaur enjoys a puzzle and uses its skills to entice unwary travellers. Gets its kicks from using its tricks.
The Frog was one of the island’s original residents and has welcomed visitors for centuries. It prefers to stay in the shade and likes to keep cool in the Paradise springs.
After drinking the Trippy Brew one full-moon, the Wolfman never turned back. Using his enhanced sense of smell, he is a dangerous adversary by night.
The Yeti loves nothing more than riding the slopes of its mountain dwelling. Enjoys cracking skulls and breaking bones.
What exactly is going on under that sack? Anyone who has been close enough has never returned to tell the tale.
The Wizard, a sorcerer’s apprentice-turned rebel, has perfected his own mystical art from the confines of his laboratory. He also enjoys the occasional Trippy Brew in his downtime.
Cursed by the Gods for her beauty and enchantment, the Medusa can only be found lurking within the caves and shadows. A tormented soul, the Medusa seeks a suitor to break the spell.
Tricky and playful, the Pixie will entice you with her charm and allure. Stay on your toes because all that glitters is not always gold. She can be just as devious as she can be tempting.
Residing within the smoky depths of the island’s volcanoes, the cunning Dragon conceals its hoard beyond the reach of mere mortals. Trespassers beware.
The Unicorn, although elgant, is a somewhat shy and elusive creature. Easily startled but will be a loyal companion once befriended.
A majestic creature, Pegasus reveals itself only to those of the highest caliber. Its grace and agility cannot be rivaled. Paradise’s protector.
The mighty Kraken, a monster of epic proportions, is known to devastate all in its wake. A formidable beast, the Kraken wields powers beyond belief and few remain to tell the tale.
4 of our pieces will contain an offering of 5 ETH each to be donated to charity. Those who draw the charity pieces will get to nominate the charity of their choice, at which point 5 ETH (or USD equivalent) will be donated. The lucky charity piece holders will also get personalized honorary Trippies designed for them (within a reasonable timeframe post-launch), representative of their chosen charities. A snap shot of the pieces will be taken in January and the holders of the tokens will be contacted.
Our collection comprises 14 different core creatures and 6 specials. The characters have been split in half, good and bad, to represent both sides of the trippy experience. Where will your journey take you? Shortly you will be able to check the map (members only) to find out more about your Trippie and the part of the island they occupy. Soon thereafter, the map will become interactive and a whole new world will open up to Trippie holders. There are a lot of mysteries to solve on Paradise Island, and those successful will be rewarded with some serious loot.
How rare is my piece?
Paradise Trippies were not all created evenly. While we love all of our creatures the same, some have rarer traits than others. The supply of each creature is also different and we have a collection of super rares. Will you be lucky enough to draw one?