Paradise Island
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4 of our pieces will contain an offering of 5 ETH each to be donated to charity. Those who draw the charity pieces will get to nominate the charity of their choice, at which point 5 ETH (or USD equivalent) will be donated. The lucky charity piece holders will also get personalized honorary Trippies designed for them (within a reasonable timeframe post-launch), representative of their chosen charities. A snap shot of the pieces will be taken in January and the holders of the tokens will be contacted.
Our collection comprises 14 different core creatures and 6 specials. The characters have been split in half, good and bad, to represent both sides of the trippy experience. Where will your journey take you? Shortly you will be able to check the map (members only) to find out more about your Trippie and the part of the island they occupy. Soon thereafter, the map will become interactive and a whole new world will open up to Trippie holders. There are a lot of mysteries to solve on Paradise Island, and those successful will be rewarded with some serious loot.
How rare is my piece?
Paradise Trippies were not all created evenly. While we love all of our creatures the same, some have rarer traits than others. The supply of each creature is also different and we have a collection of super rares. Will you be lucky enough to draw one?